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Single Use Dry Battery
Alkaline Button cell battery
Lithium Button Cell CR series
NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Ready to Use NiMh Rechargeable Battery
Cordless Phone battery
NiZN Rechargeable Battery
Charger & Accessories

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Fax: 86-755-86670609

Using the Shopping Cart

If you want to modify your order before you complete the checkout process, here's how:

  • Want to buy multiple quantities of an item in your Shopping Cart? Change the number in the Qty. box and click the Update button at the bottom of the cart. Please note that not all items for sale from sellers can be purchased in multiple quantities.
  • Want to remove an item from your Shopping Cart? Click the Delete button that appears to the left of any item in your cart.
  • Prefer to wait until another day to buy some of the items in your Shopping Cart? Click the Save for later button that appears to the left of any item in your Shopping Cart. This will move the title below the cart, to a list of saved items that you may buy in the future. Click the Move to cart button next to an item when you are ready to purchase it. Please note that if you move an item from an Pkcellshop seller to the Saved Items--To Buy Later portion of your cart, we cannot guarantee that the item will still be for sale when you are ready to buy it. Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the item's product detail page. Please note that this price may differ from the price the item held when you first placed it in your cart.

Items Missing from Your Shopping Cart?

Your Shopping Cart is related to your account, so logging into or out of your account can cause items to disappear from your cart. For example, if you create a list of items in your Shopping Cart, but you are not logged into your account, that list will be replaced by your account-specific cart when you do log in.

If the cart associated with your account had no items in it, then your Shopping Cart will seem to be empty. Likewise, if you create your list while you are logged into your account, and then log out, your items will seem to disappear. If this is the case, you should be able to retrieve your cart by clicking the "Sign in" link below "Already a customer?"

Enabling Cookies

Cookies must be enabled for in your Web browser settings for the shopping cart to work properly. If the suggestions above do not solve the problem, cookie blocking or file utility software may be causing the difficulty. Cookies also are necessary for 1-Click shopping and Your Recommendations to work efficiently. Programs such as WebFree, Guard Dog, Cookie Cutter, Cookie Monster, Junkbuster, Watchdog, and even certain browsers can be set to suppress cookies.

The way to ensure your cookies are working varies from browser to browser. For example, Netscape allows you to change the settings to accept cookies by clicking Preferences on the Edit drop-down menu, then choosing Advanced and adjusting the settings in the Cookies box.

If you are using Internet Explorer, click the Tools drop-down menu, then click "Internet Options." Click the Security tab, and then click the Custom Level button. Click the radio buttons next to Enable beneath both "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)." This should enable your browser to accept cookies.

Can't Add New Items to Your Cart?

If you aren't able to find the Add to Shopping Cart button on an item's product detail page, first make sure that the item is not listed as "out of stock indefinitely" or "Usually ships in 1-2 business days." Items with one of these two designations are not available from, although some are available from individual sellers on Pkcellshop.

If the item is listed as available from, it's possible that your browser is not downloading the image of the Shopping Cart button. Click the "Help" link at the top of your browser window (above the browser commands) to learn how to turn automatic image-loading back on. The button should then reappear.

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